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Graphic Novel Online Release Date!


With the first chapter completed, I can officially frame when the comics will go online, and that will be this winter!

Some details about the release:

The first chapter will be uploaded to this site and will be 10 pages long.

The pages will also be uploaded to DeviantART.

Pages from the second chapter will be uploaded one at a time to DeviantART on a weekly basis. I haven’t decided on the day of the week yet, but I’m leaning towards Friday, Sunday, or Monday.

The release will be ongoing with a planned release of one page per week. Once an entire chapter has been completed, it will be released on this site in a single post. So, for the latest pages go to DeviantART, for full chapters come here. I will distribute the links on the day of release.

The graphic novels will be a reenactment of the original novels, with some significant changes but the same main characters.

The story follows Diane, a spirit walker with the ability to separate her soul from her body, and seven characters whose memories carry a secret only she can unlock. In an era of crisis, two major forces attempt to make use of her abilities to decide the fate of the world.

See you soon :)


I did a bookmark giveaway recently and a few lucky winners got a full set of these bookmarks. Might do another one in the future!


Manga Styled

Print Version

I can’t forget holding it in my hands for the first time … or running around like crazy since no one was home at the time. They’ll never know.


Official Covers by Ron Guyatt

Shadows of Penumra Chapter Illustrations


Early Concept Art


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